White Sangria

If you like traditional sangria made with red wine, you’ll love this lighter, fruitier alternative. This one is great served at summer parties and BBQ’s as you can make a couple of large pitchers beforehand (without the ice) and leave them chilling in the fridge until your guests arrive. Then just add ice and serve.

P.s This one’s for Fiona 😉

White Sangria

White Sangria


(makes one large pitcher)

  • One bottle of dry white wine
  • Apple or Pineapple Juice (Or a mixture)
  • Any fruity liqueur (I used Cointreau and peach schnapps)
  • Fizzy water/lemonade/Gaseosa
  • Chopped up apples and peaches
  • Ice


This is a recipe that truly depends one the person making it. Start with a bottle of white wine in the pitcher, add a couple of glugs of fruity liqueur (depending on how alcoholic you want it), and some fruit juice.

Top it up with any kind of light-flavoured fizzy drink then add lots and lots of ice and fruit. For this one I used apples and peaches, but you could add a mixture of your favourites (raspberries, orange wedges, kiwis, strawberries etc.)

Note: For a child-friendly version just leave out the wine and liqueur and add more varieties of fruit juice.

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