Last Chance Animal Rescue

I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Jacqui Ross from the Last Chance Animal Rescue to chat about the work the charity does and what YOU can do to get involved.  What is Last Chance Animal Rescue? LCAR are a registered charity dedicated to rehoming animals in need. Instead of a traditional shelter, Last […]

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Why do we take a siesta?

A common side effect of living in Spain is finding yourself succumbing to ‘the Siesta’, according to some people the greatest human invention since the wheel. Especially during the hot Summer, getting out of the heat and letting your body rest for a couple of hours during the day is said to be beneficial to productivity […]

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Market Days

Most villages and towns in the inland Málaga region will have a weekly market. Where local vendors and farmers come to sell fresh local produce, clothes, flowers and other miscellaneous items. The mercadillos vary in size depending on the village of town, the larger the town, the larger the market and the more selection there will be. […]

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