10 Things You May Not Know About Malaga

1. In the small village of Algatocín near Ronda, there is a baker that is making and selling 170 types of bread. The most expensive one costs 192€ and is made using fragments of edible silver and gold.

2. Located just 80 miles north of Africa, Malaga is the southernmost large city in Europe. It also has the warmest winters of all European cities thanks to the mountains blocking the chill coming in from the north.

3. There are 37 museums in Malaga city, the most famous being the Picasso, the Pompidou, the Thyssen and the Ruso. There are also lots of hidden gems like the Glass Museum or the Wine Museum. Take a stroll around the centre and discover something unexpected!

4. Of the 103 municipalities in the province of Malaga, over half of them have year festivals in honor of some form of food including the carrot, blackberry, peach, almond, chestnut, rabbit and even a stale bread festival!

5. The Pompidou centre in Malaga is the first extension of the Parisian museum of the same name.

6. People that aren’t from Malaga call us ‘boquerones’ after the famous fried fish we are so famous for.

7. The clocks on the Malaga metro don’t count to 60, but 59 seconds. This odd way of telling the time was invented by the British where in British train stations big hand sits at the ’12’ mark for two seconds. This system is used to indicate the exact the departure of trains.

8. Malaga airport is the third most affluent airport in Spain, with 16 million passengers passing through each year. The only airports that better this figure are Madrid and Barcelona.

9. The Port of Malaga has one of busiest in the Mediterranean, operating continuously since at least 600BC.

10. Malaga’s Cathedral, Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación is more widely known as La Maniquita (in English, mannequin). Its construction began in 1528 and the work lasted 250 years. The Cathedral however remains unfinished, the most significant missing fixture being the South Tower. The locals described the building as missing a hand and came up with the nickname Maniquita, that has stuck ever since.

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