Keeping busy and looking forward, the COVID-19 diaries.

Since the start of the isolation we have been busy doing the things that we needed to catch upon. Luis has been editing and uploading new photos, Laura has been editing new videos as well as taking online courses on SEO and social media and Jo has been updating all our listings and adding and changing information where needed. This will make the descriptions easier to read at a glance and result in more enquiries.

With regards to enquiries, yes of course they have slowed. At present as many people have much bigger fish to fry. Whilst there has been less demand, this doesn’t mean that we are going to reduce our advertising, on the contrary, it’s a great opportunity to enhance it, which is what Jo and Laura have been doing.

We have changed our chat function on our site to be more user friendly. We are programming and testing this currently. This will mean that frequently asked questions will be answered at a faster rate and all others will be answered personally by us.

The exchange rate between the Euro and Sterling is back on the other end of the seesaw. This I believe is largely due to the lowering of interest rates in the UK. Once we are through this, I am confident that everything will revert, if slowly, to the track we were on in the first 2 months of the year.

With regard to COVID-19, we are all doing our bit and isolating as much as we possibly can. In fact, the Andalucians and Murcians have been held up as examples of how to isolate effectively with both CNN and BBC reporting on our progress. 

Having said this, I think there was an element of good fortune as Andalucia was the lowest at ‘alarm date’ which helped enormously. Well, this together with a lack of complacency and doing what we were asked to do!

We have now been isolating for 12 days and have finally had to go out to buy provisions. I didn’t see any panic buying, pretty much everything was available and people were being respectful, calm and level headed. 

All that is left to say for now is that we really hope you are all well, staying positive and keeping busy. Hoping to see you soon.

All the best, stay safe,

Grapevine x

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