Día de la Sopa Mondeña

Monda will host its 20th annual Dia de Sopa (Soup Day) this Sunday the 10th of April.

Starting at 12.00 the central square in Monda, la Plaza de la Constitución, the Town Hall will  prepare the official soup cooked in a giant wooden pot measuring over a meter and half in diameter and weighing a few hundred kilos. Crafted out of a single piece of wood, this pot is possibly one of the largest in the country.

Made with fresh, local ingredients such as green peppers, garlic, olive oil, pan de pueblo (village bread), tomatoes and eggs, the so-called “official soup” will not be the only soup on offer as other families will also set up around the square to prepare their own versions, creating a homely and energetic atmosphere.

There will also be an artisanal market and live music from 13.00 with performances from Los Carcianos, Lester y Rober and DJ Paco Cantos until nightfall.

This lively and colourful gastronomic event is attended by thousands of people every year and represents an important cultural tradition for the people of the village. See you there!?

Laura Wood


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