How do you like your coffee in the morning?

Many people would agree that one of the best things about living in inland Málaga is the quality of the coffee available. And although the region isn’t famous for steaming hot cafés con leche, it just isn’t a Spanish bar without one of those old school coffee machines and milk-frothers.

In Málaga each coffee earns its name by the amount of black coffee in the glass before the milk is added. The milk you can order caliente (hot) or templado (warm) but a standard café con leche can vary in strength depending on where or who you order it from. That’s why many of the province’s bars and cafe’s have a handy guide like this one:

Coffee Chart
Coffee Chart

So, how do you order your morning or mid-afternoon coffee? Personally, I love a sombra with piping hot milk. Perfection.

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